About us

A locally owned family business, located in the heart of Sultan WA. 24 Hour Gym, Sauna, Oxygen Bar, Red-light Therapy, Tanning, Smoothie Bar. Personal Training, Yoga, Zumba, Bootcamps, Hip Hop Dance classes for all ages.


3 reviews
  • Dennis Shogren·

    Jessica is keeping me going for a whole hour with this old guy. She shows me with new exercises and stops and takes a break if I get winded. I’m sure I’ll be better taking breaks as I work at it. Thanks, Jessica!

  • Dennis Shogren·

    Jessica is great on showing many new types of exercises. It is taking me working the whole hour but she great to keep me taking a short break with me when I am looking too wind

  • Kelly·

    Jessica is absolutely the best!


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